Razvoj programske opreme

The experts at CREAplus have a long term experience and deep expertise in the development of software in the security-critical field. We consistently develop software with "Security by Design" principle. We transform your ideas into real and executable applications.

Our customers benefit from professional implementation by an experienced team of developers. CREAplus also employs proven experts in the field of  IT security and cryptography. We consistently apply IT security standards and guarantee high quality. We have already successfully implemented a large number of software development projects.

Benefits of a software development by CREAplus:

  • Experts with project experience and knowledge of IT security and cryptography
  • Agile development process with transparent results in each project phase
    • State-of-the-art development process 
    • Use of Jira as project and task management tool, 
  • Fast and flexible support in the event of resource bottlenecks 
  • Applying IT security standards
  • Project management using secure communication channels etc.

Please contact us by sending an email to Ta e-poštni naslov je zaščiten proti smetenju. Za ogled potrebujete Javascript, da si jo ogledate. to find out more details about the software development by CREAplus.


Blog: Ranljivost Zerologon

graph data breachesBlog zapis: Kibernetska varnost - Ranljivost Zerologon 

Tehnično izpopolnjevanje za Utimaco HSM

shutterstock 298735595Podjetje CREAplus bo kot pooblaščeni partner proizvajalca Utimaco izvedel spletno praktično tehnično izpopolnjevanje za strojne varnostne/šifrirne module (HSM) Utimaco, 5. in 6. novembra 2020.


CREAplus uspešno izvedla izpopolnjevanje za ESKM

Technical Training Utimaco HSM BG May 2019 20190613 101217 smlPodjetje CREAplus, pooblaščeni izpopolnjevalni partner podjetja Utimaco, je v mesecu oktobru 2020 uspešno izvedlo dve spletni dvodnevni praktični tehnični izpopolnjevanji za Utimaco Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM) za večjo multinacionalko, v dveh različnih časovnih pasovih.