Technical Trainings for Utimaco HSM

Utimaco Logo Certified Training CenterCREA plus, the authorized Utimaco training partner, organises technical trainings for Utimaco hardware security modules (HSMs). A hands-on training qualifies participants to effectively use quality Utimaco HSMs.

Hardware-Based Protection of Sensitive Data Using HSMs

In case of data encryption it is necessary to protect the encryption keys. A solution is to store the keys in a dedicated device, such as hardware security modul (HSM). HSM executes the secure generation and storage of the keys, which do not leave the secure environment of the HSM.

German company Utimaco is a leading manufacturer of general purpose HSMs. Utimaco HSMs keep cryptographic keys safe. With German precision engineering, FIPS, CC and PCI-HSM certified tamperproof Utimaco HSMs offer scalable performance with the highest level of physical security and self-defence for hostile environments.

Technical Training for Utimaco HSM

During the standard training participants develop all the knowledge and practical skills needed to set up, deploy, and maintain Utimaco HSMs and maximize the value of these devices. It is always possible to tailor the training to specific needs of the customer.

Trainings are held in English. Location of the training can be chosen by the customer.

You can read more about Utimaco and CREA plus partnership here

You can find more information about CREA plus' technical trainings for Utimaco HSM here.


New Software Release for Utimaco HSM

utimaco LAN V5 4Utimaco, a leading manufacturer of hardware security modules (HSMs), has released SecurityServer 4.30 and SDK for its line of HSMs.

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ADSS Server SAM Appliance is now approved as a QSCD and a QSealCD

Ascertia SAM Appliance pic6Ascertia’s ADSS SAM Appliance is the first Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD) that meets the new eIDAS regulations and ETSI/CEN standards of EN 419 241-1 and protection Profile EN 419241-2 with Sole Control Assurance Level 2 to deliver the highest levels of trust when creating Qualified Remote Signatures on behalf of Natural Persons and Natural Persons linked to Legal Entities.

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