Utimaco HSM CP5 Simulator (eIDAS & CC)

Utimaco simulator CP5German company Utimaco IS, the leading provider of hardware security modules HSM in the region, offers a free dedicated eIDAS-compliant & Common Criteria-certified HSM simulator for evaluation and integration testing.

The new Utimaco HSM CP5 simulator is based on the new version of SecurityServer software CP5. The CryptoServer CP5 will be Utimaco’s eIDAS-compliant & Common Criteria-certified Hardware Security Module (HSM). It supports Trust Service Providers (TSPs) in fulfilling policy and security requirements defined in various ETSI technical standards. Application areas include eIDAS-compliant qualified signature creation and remote signing, as well as the issuing of certificates, OCSP status requests and timestamping.

The CryptoServer CP5 HSM simulator works without the need to install any additional hardware. The test package includes management and configuration tools, as well as precise work instructions. It provides users with testing and evaluation of the implementation of the HSM module, for example by checking the various configuration options and application settings, load balancing and high availability options.

Utimaco HSM CP5 simulator is available for testing here.


Utimaco HSM CC certified for eIDAS

Utimaco LAN HSM 1UUtimaco, a leading manufacturer of HSMs, received the Common Criteria (CC) EAL4+ certification for its CryptoServer CP5 HSM based on the eIDAS Protection Profile EN 419 221-5.

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New Software Releases for Utimaco HSM

utimaco LAN V5 4Utimaco, a leading manufacturer of HSM devices, has released SecurityServer 4.21 and CryptoServer SDK 4.21 for its line of hardware security modules (HSMs).

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