Large Slovenian Bank with HID ActivID and HID Tokens

HID Token One V2 halfLarge Slovenian bank has decided for modern authentication solution HID ActivID, mobile token HID Approve and hardware tokens HID Token One V2 as replacement for existing RSA solution and RSA SecurID tokens.

Modern and versatile authentication solution HID ActivID Authentication Appliance by HID Global, together with mobile app HID Approve and hardware tokens HID Token One V2, enables strong multi-factor authentication of internet and mobile banking, compliant with PSD2 directive, and for remote access of employees. The bank is replacing existing RSA solution and RSA SecurID tokens.

Quality hardware one-time password generator (token) HID Token One V2 by HID Global has an integrated PIN pad for PIN entry on the token itself, which allows strong two-factor authentication for internet banking and transaction signing, compliant with the PSD2 directive. HID Token One V2 is a replacement for RSA SecurID tokens.


New Software Release for Utimaco HSM

utimaco LAN V5 4Utimaco, a leading manufacturer of hardware security modules (HSMs), has released SecurityServer 4.30 and SDK for its line of HSMs.

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ADSS Server SAM Appliance is now approved as a QSCD and a QSealCD

Ascertia SAM Appliance pic6Ascertia’s ADSS SAM Appliance is the first Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD) that meets the new eIDAS regulations and ETSI/CEN standards of EN 419 241-1 and protection Profile EN 419241-2 with Sole Control Assurance Level 2 to deliver the highest levels of trust when creating Qualified Remote Signatures on behalf of Natural Persons and Natural Persons linked to Legal Entities.

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