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Sizing Up Your Cyberrisks

Sizing Up Your Cyberrisks

Over the past decade the costs and consequences of cyberbreaches have grown alarmingly. The total financial and economic losses from the 2017 WannaCry attack, for instance, were estimated to reach $8 billion. In 2018 Marriott discovered that a breach of its Starwood subsidiary’s reservation system had potentially exposed the personal and credit-card information of 500 million guests.


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Botnet Attacks: Transforming Your IT Resources into an Army of Zombies

What Are Botnets?

Botnets are groups of malware-infected, Internet-connected devices that perform mundane tasks with precision and speed. They are led by bot masters, aka bot herders, who communicate with a C&C server (a computer that instructs infected devices to carry out attacks and perform other functions) via covert channels, such as Internet Relay Chats (IRCs) and websites.

Each individual connected computer in a botnet is called a zombie because the computer or device owner is generally unaware that their machine is mindlessly performing malicious actions. Botnets can wreak all kinds of havoc—from DDoS attacks to cryptocoin mining, from sending spam to spreading fake news.

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Can HSM technology make blockchain wallets and transactions safer?

How hardware security modules could protect your crypto assets

As a security consultant for blockchain projects at Orbs, one of the recurring concerns I hear from customers is how to protect the private keys of their hot and cold wallets.

A hardware security module (HSM) is a tradition security solution which manages digital keys and is been used widely in PKI environments and in the financial sector.

At first glance, using of a HSM might be the perfect solution for blockchain-based solutions. The HSM generates key pairs, has secure storage, and can off-load cryptographic operations from the entire system.

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Why you should secure your blockchain with an HSM

The Importance of Securing the Blockchain

Blockchain is a technology that promises to change how data is stored and businesses operate. 

It is important to ensure that the blockchain, and the data that it stores, is properly protected.

Store your cryptographic material for blockchain in a Hardware Security Module (HSM).

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Obvladovanje kibernetske varnosti v podjetju

work 731198 1920Rezervirajte si čas v petek, 7.2.2020 od 9:00 do 11:00 v Ljubljani za aktualni dogodek na temo obvladovanja kibernetske varnosti v podjetju.


Gorenjska banka s HID ActivID in HID Approve

Tudi heroGorenjska banka d.d. se je zaradi doseganja skladnosti z direktivo PSD2 in povečanja varnosti internetnega in mobilnega bančništva odločila za uvedbo rešitve HID ActivID Authentication Appliance z mobilno aplikacijo HID Approve.